Month: August 2020

PyroTalks CIC NanoConference 2020

A NanoConference, offered by PyroTalks CIC, is a first of its kind conference that answers the changing needs of how we consume knowledge. NanoConferences are concise, precise, and social by design, and help make specialist knowledge more accessible for non-profits.

Looking forward to connecting with other development practitioners at NanoConference 03 and sharing helpful career advice we have received, the advice we would give now, and some tips on how to excel in our respective domains of expertise.

Apra Talks 2020

Passionate advancement professionals are always ready to share their thoughts on “hot” topics in the industry. Be ready for an interactive and informative discussion with industry thought leaders as they share their perspectives on the rapid evolution of technology in our sector. Part conversation, part debate, this session will help us think critically about the tools that are shaping our work. With new tools and technologies emerging at a record pace, are we doing enough to critically evaluate the tools we use? Are they improving our work, or are they just the next shiny objects? Join us for a spirited discussion around data quality, verification, the ethics of Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Please consider joining us and click here for more information.

Apra Prospect Development Virtual Experience

Apra #PDVE2020 is finally here! Are you ready to join us for four days of action-packed programming and inspiring content?

Thanks to all the chapters for providing extra scholarships to allow their chapter members to attend. Thanks also to everyone who registered and to our sponsors for your support of Apra! For those of you who can’t attend, please follow along here and on Twitter using #PDVE2020 to get some live event updates!

And, of course, many thanks to all of our amazing speakers and volunteers who support the Apra community!