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Data Science for Fundraising: Build Data-Driven Solutions Using R

I’m pleased to share that Ashutosh Nandeshwar and I have co-authored a book Data Science for Fundraising: Build Data-Driven Solutions Using R, which is expected to release Feb 2018.

Please share with anyone interested in learning about data science and how to build machine learning solutions with step-by-step recipes.

Check out the attached link for more details about our data science giveaway!

Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit

Screenshot 2017-08-09 21.46.24.png

Thanks again to the Innovation Enterprise team for inviting me to chair the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit on 2/14/17 and 2/15/17 in San Diego, CA.

I enjoyed connecting with creative thought leaders and diverse innovators across a wide spectrum of industries, sectors and business domains.

After two days of inspiring presentations, I left energized and ready to tackle the common challenges we continue to face in the field of applied predictive analytics and machine learning — identifying context, clarifying business requirements, linking project specification to ROI, fostering analytics culture within the organization, establishing data governance, promoting buy-in from key stakeholders, and translating results into actionable insights.

It is an exciting time to be involved with data analytics as we shift from 1) predictive to prescriptive analytics and 2) further explore the potential of deep learning and artificial intelligence to create solutions using structured and unstructured data evolving rapidly in terms of volume, velocity and variety.

I look forward to incorporating some of these themes and takeaways in my upcoming presentation at DRIVE/ in May 2017.