Apra Bytes! But don't worry, this is just your go-to place for quick, educational tips for #prospectdevelopment professionals. A Byte is a short, educational video created by industry experts. Watch our latest on public information here: https://t.co/LfLKjrRX4d #LearnWithApra

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Frustrations often arise when communication between researchers and frontline officers goes awry. In this Q&A, Christina Makal McCaffery shares advice on improving inter-departmental communication. #Connections https://t.co/3J6zU62hBG

Same great content, brand new look! The New Researchers Symposium is now Apra Fundamentals: Prospect Research. Join us in Chicago on Feb 27 for this improved educational event for new fundraising professionals. Learn more: https://t.co/3czGfF16L3 #ApraFundamentals

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