What will be the "new normal" for PD professionals? At #PDVE2020, you will hear from leaders at aasp, AFP, AHP and Apra during, The Next Decade of Philanthropy: Your Opportunity. Apra President Bond Lammey, gives a sneak peek of that panel in this video. https://bit.ly/2VEsi6Z

The latest episode of Beyond Prospecting is now live! In this episode, hear from managers who handle remote teams year-round, learn tips for managers who have to make the switch to working from home and how remote work changes the work-life landscape. http://ow.ly/kxq750AiDAp

And that wraps up another #aprachat. Thanks to everyone who participated today, and @SoleSearcherPR, @tyriasmom, @toastandcereal, and @cajafla11 for sharing their insights!

A3: Are there increased discussions about race, equity, and inclusion at your org? Make sure BIPOC people on your team can opt out. We white people have work to do on our own. #aprachat

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