Today, social media gives prospect development professionals a peek inside the lives of donor prospects. Learn how Jacob Astley and his team @okstate use social media to optimize campaigns. #Connections

"I learned from some of the most inspiring and brilliant people in our industry. Such support speaks to the strength of the Apra community and willingness of its members to help each other grow."- Iberia Zafira, UC Berkeley Join Apra now: #AdvanceWithApra

Learn one team's experience with bulk-loading screening ratings during our next webinar, Show Me the Money: Bulk Ratings Upload, tomorrow, Dec. 4, at 1 p.m. CT to see why you would need to do this, how to pull and edit data, and next steps: #LearnWithApra

Could it be that the very data we have been able to amass is hampering our ability to engage our best prospects? What can #prospect researchers do to be successful?
Listen in to find out! #SecondHelpings #ApraThrowback

If you want your organization to benefit from an engagement score, but you are nervous about analytics or you don’t know how to get started, here are some great tips for you. Tune into this #SecondHelpings podcast: #ApraThrowback #Knowvember

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