Month: October 2020

Apra-MN 2020 Conference

Apra-MN Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel

As Apra-MN develops a strategic plan that will guide its efforts over the next three years, they are intentionally building diversity, equity, and inclusion core values into their mission. Along with other Apra chapters, Apra-MN is examining internal biases and developing practices that promote DEI in our professional organizations and our industry. Reflecting, listening to each other, and learning from one another’s experiences all contribute toward understanding and embracing DEI core values.

Join us for the Apra-MN 2020 conference on Tuesday, October 20th, 2020, which will include a panel discussion on how prospect development colleagues are addressing and incorporating DEI into our professional and personal spaces. Learn more about our moderator and panelists here!

Shaping the Future

Thank you to @GordonJayFrost and @DonorSearch for the opportunity to discuss the importance of creating an organizational culture of experimentation. Drawing on technology disruption, design thinking, and diffusion of innovation concepts, we share some thoughts and insights on the potential benefits of embracing change and how to build and foster an organizational culture of experimentation towards efficiency, impact, and shared success.