Hands-On Deep Learning with R (2020)

Deep learning enables efficient and accurate learning from data. Developers working with R will be able to put their knowledge to work with this practical guide to deep learning. The book provides a hands-on approach to implementation and associated methodologies that will have you up-and-running, and productive in no time. This book covers the following exciting features:

  • Explore and implement deep learning to solve various real-world problems using modern R libraries such as TensorFlow, MXNet, H20, and Deepnet
  • Design a feedforward neural network to see how the activation function computes an output
  • Create an image recognition model using convolutional neural networks (CNNs)
  • Prepare data, decide hidden layers and neurons and train your model with the backpropagation algorithm
  • Apply text cleaning techniques to remove uninformative text using NLP
  • Build, train, and evaluate a GAN model for face generation
  • Understand the concept and implementation of reinforcement learning in R
Data Science for Fundraising (2018)

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since Data Science for Fundraising was launched. During this time, Ashutosh Nandeshwar and I have connected with other lifelong learners and practitioners who are now applying data science to solve problems, as well as identify new opportunities, within their respective communities, organizations, and institutions.

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