Digital presentation copies available upon request:

Apra PDVE 2020: Apra Talks: Information Overload: Navigating the Landscape of Tools and Technology

APRA Webinar 2019: 3 Concepts to Get You Started with Data Science

APRA Prospect Development 2018: Deep Learning for Donor Insights

APRA OverDRIVE 2018: Leading with Business Purpose

APRA Prospect Development 2017: Key Tools to Drive Acceptance of Analytics, Models, and Services

CASE DRIVE 2020: The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey: Datasets, Resources, and Use Cases

CASE DRIVE 2019 Big Data Panel: What Nonprofits Can Learn from Actual Big Data Companies

CASE DRIVE 2018 Workshop: Build Data-Driven Solutions Using R

CASE DRIVE 2017: Analytics Adoption: Key Factors to Drive Acceptance, Transformation, and Value

CASE Senior Annual Giving Institute 2019: Annual Giving as Prospect Development Pipeline

CASE Senior Annual Giving Institute 2019: Art and (Data) Science of Annual Giving Solicitations

DonorScience Consulting + Environics Analytics 2020: Digital Roundtable Artificial Intelligence 101