Data Storytelling: Bring data to life and make it accessible for any audience

Rodger Devine, associate dean of external affairs for strategy and innovation at the University of Southern California and vice chair of the 2020 DRIVE/ conference, agrees. The end goal of any data analysis is to take action, he explains. Storytelling is important because it provides the “bridge between cutting-edge data science and analysis and making that information understandable and actionable for everyone,” he says. “You could have a really sophisticated analysis, but if it just sits on the shelf because no one is able to read it or understand it and therefore take action on it, it’s of limited value to your institution.”

In institutional advancement, Devine sees data as a way of supporting new strategies or approaches to old and familiar challenges. “Looking at the data, people will see emerging trends or new markets to tap into. They might also come up with a new campaign or initiative to drive results and improve outcomes,” he says. “The data offers an objective lens that, combined with other signals and contextual information, can logically inform and make a compelling case to pursue a new opportunity.”

Click here to access the full Case Currents Magazine November – December 2019 article.

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