DRIVE/Cast 2020


Data— empowering nonprofits to harness the power of data to achieve
Results— producing outcomes while ensuring data security and privacy through
Intelligence— gaining insight to make better business decisions and delivering
Value— to those in the data field and leaders using data via
Education— offered year-round with evolving curriculum and innovative learning experiences

Offered for the first time, DRIVE/Cast Livestream gives you the chance to experience all the great data and analytics content in the comfort of your own office or home. With dynamic key sessions, informative breakouts, and an interactive chat platform, this virtual program is your opportunity to be in the fast-lane to explore all things data.

DRIVE/Cast includes the following keynote sessions:

A Conversation with Transformational Data and Digital Leaders

In this interactive panel discussion, hear from data, digital, and strategic leaders from prominent nonprofit organizations and technology companies as they discuss their greatest data successes, challenges and how their role has transformed from a governance emphasis to a strategic focus with revenue responsibilities. If you aspire to be a CDO or strategic leader, this is a must-attend general session.

David Mathison, Founder and CEO, CDO Club; Perry Hewitt, Digital and Marketing Strategist, Colechurch Consulting; Vignesh Clingam, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, American Diabetes Association; Jawad Sartaj, CEO at inforMD (Former Chief Analytics Officer, SOMOS Community Care; and Stephanie Trunzo, Global Vice President, Transformation and Offerings, Oracle

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