Month: November 2020

CASE DRIVE/Cast 2021

Excited for the opportunity to work with Camden MorseA.J. NagarajJon Thompson, and Sabah Currim to help connect thought leaders at Council for Advancement and Support of Education‘s DRIVE/CAST 2021, which focuses on enabling technologies and data analytics across a broad range of advancement contexts.

Have you been doing any exciting or innovative work you’d like to share?

Please consider submitting a proposal by November 18th!

AASP AI Workshop

There’s Nothing Artificial About What AI Can Do For Your Organization

Are you excited, confused, bewildered, skeptical, or just ignoring all the talk about AI? No matter what your feelings are about it, AI is going to be part of advancement services as it transforms fundraising the same way it is transforming every other sector of our economy and society.

This AI workshop is designed to give you the fundamental knowledge you need to navigate the hype and get to the very real applications of AI in advancement. You will learn how to determine if AI is, or isn’t, the right tool for your problem. You will learn how models are created and watch as they learn in real-time. You will be guided through a process enabling you to frame a problem; identify end-user requirements and challenges; catalog data sources; select the right AI tools; and architect the systems for delivering actionable insights. Finally, you will see demonstrations of both embedded and stand-alone AI-enabled applications being used today to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of advancement.

You can register here and join the conversation today!