Apra Data Science Now 2021

data science now 2021

Apra Data Science Now, October 13-14, will once again be a collection of high-impact virtual sessions. Topics address all aspects of successful data science integration in development offices, including innovation, maximizing your toolset, communication, collaboration, and goal setting. The event draws leaders in the field of fundraising analytics to discuss theory, method, and implementation of data-informed fundraising.

Education Will Focus On:

  • Identifying key needs and research questions, and generating buy-in from stakeholders.
  • Methodologies, tools, and resources for conducting analysis and creating data-informed strategies and products.
  • Roll out, implementation, adoption, and evaluation of data science programs.

Programming is intended to foster a collaborative networking environment so attendees may share experiences with peers, establish new professional contacts and gain insight to help them improve their work. 

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